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Slotssøen i Kolding

the experiences in Kolding for adults

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Activities and sights for adults in Kolding

How about starting the day at one of our many cozy cafes in the city center, and then shopping in the beautiful old pedestrian streets or in Jutland's largest shopping center?
If you want to experience the nature, then visit the award-winning rose garden in the Geographical Garden, take a walk around the lake in the Marielundskoven or play golf at one of our two golf courses in Kolding.
If you are looking for cultural experiences then visit the old hydro power plant Harteværket, the old royal castle Koldinghus or the Trapholt museum.
To end the day in a relaxing way, Dronning Dorotheas Badstue is the obvious place.

So if you are into nature, history, design, culture, shopping, gastronomy and wellness then Kolding offers it all - we look forward to seeing you.

Jesper Frehr
Kolding city med mange mennesker

Shopping in Kolding

Big brands or small curiosities? Kolding is an old commercial centre, something you can feel while visiting the shops. In the old pedestrian streets in Kolding City there are many activities throughout the year.
A bit outside the city centre lies Kolding Shopping Centre, which houses more than 120 shops offering all the latest hot trends.

Stole paa Trapholt


At Trapholt you will find a large collection of Danish designer chairs and several changing exhibitions. The art selected and promoted here has repeatedly made countrywide headlines.

Fiskeri i bynære søer

Natur and Outdoor

Activities in nature-

Feel the forces of nature and dive to see the seabed filled with life, or get the adrenaline around in the body with a trip on a surfboard, or on a trip on MTB in the Marielund Forest

Fishing in Kolding-

In the Kolding area you will find everything a fisherman's heart desires. The location directly next to the Little Belt, Kolding Å and the many Put & Take lakes make the area around Kolding an attractive place for anglers.

Brude og Brudgom i slotsgaarden paa Koldinghus

Wedding in Kolding and Christiansfeld

Kolding and Christiansfeld can form the perfect setting for your big day with the cosy feeling and unique atmosphere of the city centre Kolding can form the perfect setting for your big day with the cosy feeling and unique atmosphere of the city centre

Rosenhaven i Geografisk Have

Geografisk Have in Kolding

Photo: VisitKolding

Discover a world of plants in the Geographical Garden. Here you will find a unique collection of flowers, trees, plants and herbs from all over the world. 
Here you can purchase plants for your own garden on market days, you can smell spices and medicinal herbs or go for a walk through caves of Chinese sandstone in the beautiful setting of forsythias, bridal wreaths and beauty bushes.

Komplekset Nicolai i Kolding
Photo: VisitKolding

Nicolai is a cultural centre of excellence in the heart of Kolding. The complex consists of five independent buildings, but they also act as one cultural whole with cinema, art exhibitions, concerts and cultural playground.  Nicolai is the centre of the old “Latin Quarter”, which originally comprised five school buildings erected in the period 1856-1908. The complex therefore shows how school construction evolved during this period and testifies to the city’s population growing explosively. From the end of the 1940s all the buildings as a whole were called Saint Nicholas School. 

More experiences in Kolding

Tour Danmark Kolding 2021

Tour de France - Kolding

Read about the Tour de France in Kolding and Denmark - The tour arrives in Kolding on July 1, 2022.

Mad paa Madkaelderen paa Koldinghus

Restaurants in Kolding

Kolding has many different places to eat. You can find Danish food or if you are more into tapas, Italian or something else you will find it too. In many places you can sit outside and enjoy your food in the streets of Kolding or in the woods at Løvodde beach. Kolding Storcenter also has many fine dining places where you can have lunch or dinner.

Tur rundt i Kolding Spanske Trappe

Guided tour in Kolding

Need to hear a little extra about Kolding and history? Or maybe about design and city planning - so book one of our guides and get the right story about Kolding town - the history, the design vision and small anecdotes about the city and its many historic buildings.

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