Cycling holiday in Kolding

Cycling experiences in Kolding

By bike around Kolding

Kolding and Christiansfeld invite many experiences on a bicycle where the routes come widely both in the countryside and in the forests and the beautiful scenery in and around Kolding and Christiansfeld.

Many of the routes pass through the river valley, forests and beautiful scenery, while others are on the country roads around the area, but common to all of them is that there is plenty of nature and culture on the way around many of the historical gems throughout Kolding municipality.


Kør MTB i Marielundskoven i Kolding
Mountian biking in Kolding

Kolding has not only highways and trails, but also MTB tracks. If you are more into steep descents and winding forest paths, read more about the routes in Kolding and the surrounding area here.

Cykeltur i Kolding
Cycling routes in Kolding

In and around Kolding you will find many different cycling routes. See them here and choose the one that suits you

Lej din cykel i Kolding
Bike rental in Kolding

Rent your bike in Kolding and take a bike ride in nature

Bed&Bike i Kolding
Bed & Bike in Kolding

If you are on a cycling holiday in Kolding and need a place to stay, then here is the list of places that are Bed and Bike in Kolding - they can offer the facilities that you expect as a bicycle guest. Here you can check the bike well after a long day on the road, get relevant information as well as good care.

The Baltic Sea Route - N8 through Kolding and Christiansfeld

The 820 km national cycle route also passes through Kolding and Christiansfeld. Read more about the route and the sights you can see along the way here

N8- The Baltic Sea Route


Cykeltur på landevej i Kolding
Plan your bike ride in Kolding

Plan your route around Kolding or to one of the other cities in the area. Use Naviki to find the best route

Cykeltur til stranden i Kolding
Trip to the beach?

Many of the beaches in Kolding are so close to the city that you can easily cycle there. See the list of beaches in Kolding here

Bike Friends in Kolding

In Kolding, some of the companies have chosen to do a little extra for our cycling tourists. Here you will find extra help and some places also offer accommodation.

Tour Danmark Kolding 2021
Tour de France Kolding 2022

Tour de France comes to Kolding and Christiansfeld 2022 - read about the route and other things about the Tour de France in Denmark here