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Camping i Kolding

Camping in Kolding

Photo: VisitKolding

Camping Kolding

Campsites in Kolding

Are you on holiday in Denmark? Then come stay at one of Kolding's 6 campsites.

Would you like to go camping near the city, close to nature or close the beach? All possibilities are open to you when you choose to camp in Kolding. Here you will find good children's activities, campsites with heated pools, camping huts, exciting biking routes and much more.

The campsites are all close to Kolding, where culinary experiences await. There are also shopping opportunities in Kolding city center with lovely pedestrian streets, cafes and specialty shops or in Jutland's largest shopping center Kolding Storcenter with over 120 stores. Kolding has great children's activities, both playgrounds, like Legeparken, where everything is free, and experiences like Harteværket and the Geographical Garden.
Kolding is only 35 minutes from LEGOLAND, Lalandia, and the brand new Legohouse in Billund.
So if you’re going on a driving holiday this year, you should come to Kolding.

Dancamps Kolding - Campsite near the town of Kolding
Photo: Dancamps Kolding

Dancamps Kolding - Campsite near the town of Kolding

Discover the urban and modern camping site which is centrally located at Kolding.


GL. Aalbo Camping - Campsite directly by the water near Kolding

Gl.Ålbo is a small and homely campsite on the Danish strait called the ‘Little Belt.’ All our camping spots have an ocean view, and guests may even glimpse porpoises frolicking in the water. Our renta...

Grønninghoved Strand Camping - Charming and fantastically located 4-star campsite near Kolding
Photo: Grønninghoved Strand Camping

Grønninghoved Strand Camping - Charming and fantastically located 4-star campsite near Kolding

Enjoy camping life on the charming and beautifully situated 4-star Grønninghoved Strand CAMPING, which is located in the middle of the "old" apple orchard.

Grønninghoved Strand Camping offers cosines...


Hejlsminde Strand Camping - Campsite by Lillebælt, child-friendly beach and beautiful nature areas

Family friendly campsite situated on gently sloping terrain at the coast of Lillebælt. The campsite is terraced which gives a good view over the water. Divided in sections with electrical connecting a...


Stensager Strand Camping - 4 star campsite south of Kolding

Stensager Strand Camping

Stensager Strand Camping is situated with the blue ocean on one side and the green beech forest on the other.

Heated water in our out-door swimming pool which is at least 25 d...


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