Visit Geographical Garden in Kolding

At Easter, the Geographical Garden in Kolding has a lot of activities - go egg-hunting in the garden, 
cut a beautiful Gækkebrev or explore the garden which is a 14 hectare park with lots of opportunities for play and fun. Here you can experience the garden animal folds with goats, ponies, mini pigs and other animals. 
There are 2 playgrounds and a jungle path where you can explore.

Børn på græsset på Koldinghus

Take the kids to Koldinghus during the Easter holidays and experience the fun and exciting activities at the castle.

Børn på Trapholt
Trapholt in Kolding

At Trapholt, the guides can help you find activities that are right for you and here you also get assignments and the art hunting. Trapholt also has a large outdoor area where you can enjoy your food and enjoy the beautiful view but the park also invites you to play and you can borrow a game in the Café, or go sculpture hunting and see if you can find all the sculptures.

Are you more for food in the cafe, children are very welcome and there is a very special corner where you can use your creativity.

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