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Geocaching | GPS Treasure Hunt in Kolding

Photo: VisitKolding

In Kolding and the surrounding area there are good opportunities to go on a treasure hunt. There are beautiful scenery and urban forests where you can experience Geocaching which is an activity for both children and adults. Take the family for a walk in the woods and explore the treasures.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a growing family sport, a modern form of treasure hunt where you can find treasures (also called caches) using an app or GPS. Here the whole family can join - across age and gender, so pack your backpack and go in search of treasure in and around Kolding.
Many of the caches are stored in places where you can have a special natural or cultural-historical experience.

Geocaching for børn


Geocaching directly on your smartphone

The most frequently used website to designate a cache target is Here you will find a link to a geocaching app which can be downloaded for free on a smartphone. The app has a map of the treasures so you can easily search for caches in exactly the area you want to move in. Most caches also have a clue as to where to find them.

Alternatively, you can borrow a GPS at the library for the adventure - Borrow a GPS at Kolding Library

Geocaching i naturen


dreng finder en skat paa Geocaching


Dame paa geocaching


Geocaches, as the treasures are called, are hidden in 191 different countries on all seven continents - on Antarctica too!

When you find the treasure (cache), which is typically a small plastic container, you can log your visit to the logbook you find inside the treasure. In it, the treasure hunter writes that they have found it on geocaching, when and how many took part in the treasure hunt. In some caches there is a small thing, typically small plastic things, all of which have been lying in the drawer at home. Remember, if you take something from the treasure, so leave something of equal or greater value to the next. You then repack the cache and put it back where you found it.
There are other forms of geocaching and caches as well. Multicaches include several stops on a geocaching tour before finding the final cache if you want to be challenged more. If geocaching is completely new to you, you can learn more by reading the guide. Guide to Geocaching

Combine exciting treasure hunting with culture and nature

Along Kolding Å and Vester Nebel Å, several nature restoration projects have improved the nature and experiences along the river. Along Seest Mølleå and Dalby Møllebæk, the hilly terrain is worth a visit.
In the Marielund Forest you can walk around the old mill lake and see the remains of the romantic garden.


A natural gem close to Kolding city center. There is the possibility of several different routes into the wild. Follow the river valley to Kolding city center or walk around Hartesløfen past Ferup Sø and Dybvadbro Station all the way to Marielundskoven in the center of Kolding.


Kanoer ved Harteværket


The word Geocaching refers to GEO for geography, and the word CACHING which is used to store and hide supplies in connection with e.g. Hiking.

Good treasure hunt!

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