Vielse i Christiansfeld

Get married in Christiansfeld

Photo: VisitKolding

Is your big day going to take place in beautiful historical settings? Then you have the opportunity to get married in Christiansfeld.

Christiansfeld’s historic setting and quiet harmony has made the city a popular place to get married for both Danes and foreign visitors to the city.

The marriage ceremonies can take place at Brødremenighedens Hotel. In the city you can find everything for an unforgettable day - from bridal bouquets to morning gifts.

One of the more special dates many people chose to get married in Denmark was on 07.09.2013 - on this unique date, as many as 3136 couples were married in Denmark.
In 2018, there were 6 couples in Denmark who could celebrate 75 years of their wedding day - also called Atomic Wedding, and 119 couples who could celebrate 70 years together which is Iron Wedding.