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Bliv gift paa Koldinghus

Get married in Kolding

Photo: Koldinghus

Here in the city you will find the perfect setting for your big day with the cosy feeling and unique atmosphere of the city centre.

In Kolding we have many possible locations for your wedding, what about getting married in the old beautiful Kolding Hus? Or an outdoor wedding surrounded by beautiful flowers in the Geografiske Have? The possibilities are many, and of course we want to help you find the perfect place for your wedding day.

Bryllup i Kolding med hvid brudebuket


One of the more special dates many people chose to get married in Denmark was on 07.09.2013 - on this unique date, as many as 3136 couples were married in Denmark.

Get married at the unique Koldinghus

At Koldinghus you can get married in a unique environment. The castle atmosphere gives a very special atmosphere to your big moment. You can get married in the beautiful castle church, or at the large outdoor area around the castle - Read more about weddings at Koldinghus

Kirkesalen paa Koldighus


Bliv gift paa Koldinghus


Brude og Brudgom i slotsgaarden paa Koldinghus


Vielse i Geografisk Have i Kolding
Geografisk Have

Wedding in the open sky in the Geographical Garden

Geographical Garden in Kolding is a beautiful place to be devoted. There are many opportunities here, both under open sky and under the roof of the large greenhouse. Visit the garden and find the perfect place for your wedding in Kolding. Den Gyldne Hane is located next door to the garden and is ready with dinner, coffee or whatever you want.

Bryllup paa Kolding Raadhus

Get married at Kolding Town Hall

Kolding City Hall can provide a beautiful setting for your wedding. The City Hall is centrally located in the heart of Kolding's city center. The wedding ceremony takes place in the fantastic city council hall where there is plenty of room for your guests. The city's restaurants are right outside your door and are ready to welcome you and your guests.

Brudepar i Hejlsminde

Get married in the open

In Kolding you have the opportunity to choose to get married in the forest, at home in the garden or maybe on the beach. The beach in Hejlsminde is a very used place for weddings, contact the Citizens Service to hear more about the possibilities for your wedding and read about the papers you need to have ready to get married in Denmark.

In 2018, there were 6 couples in Denmark who could celebrate 75 years of their wedding day - also called Atomic Wedding, and 119 couples who could celebrate 70 years together which is Iron Wedding.

Looking for accommodation or a restaurant?

Hotel Koldingfjord se fra vandet
Visit Kolding

In Kolding you will find many possibilities for accommodation - in many of the places you can also hold the wedding party.

Tyrstrupkro i Christiansfeld

Just south of Kolding lies the charming little town of Christiansfeld

Mad paa Madkaelderen paa Koldinghus

Restaurants in Kolding

Good food and drinks are also part of the wedding - see all the restaurants in Kolding

Kolding Brudebuket

Florist in Kolding

Flowers and bridal bouquet. Find the florist you like best here in the overview

Bryllups makeup i Kolding

Makeup and hairstyles

Find the hairdresser to help set your hair and put makeup on for your big day

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