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Koldinghus - Jylland´s last royal castle

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Koldinghus is much more than a museum. See the remains of the ruin that tells of the disaster fire in 1808, experience the story very closely when there are living tales in the castle’s rooms and see the treasures of the Danish kings and queens in special exhibitions.

Throughout its more than 700 years of existence, Koldinghus Castle has played a significant role in Denmark’s history as a border guard and as one of the royal family’s favourite castles. It was the first to be used exclusively as a royal residence. King Christian III died here on new year’s day in 1559. King Christian IV spend a significant part of his childhood and youth here. The Castle lost its importance as more and more of the duties of the Royal family moved to the capital. King Frederik IV was the last king to live in the castle, but it was only temporary, while the plague was raging in Copenhagen.

Kæmpetårnet på Koldinghus

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The giant tower "Kæmpetårnet" is named after the four statues of giants from the Greek and Roman myths who stood at the top of the tower. Today only Hercules remains.

The magnificent castle was left and fell more and more into decay, and when soldiers stayed there in connection with the war against England and Sweden in 1807, a large fire broke out, leaving the castle in ruins. The ruins stood untouched for many years, while the ravages of time threatened to destroy the castle completely.

Sydfløjen Koldinghus


Biblioteksalen på Koldinghus


Efterår Koldinghus

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Koldinghus for children

Udklædning for børn på Koldinghus


Koldinghus for boern

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Fægteskole for børn på Koldinghus


The rebuilding of Koldinghus after the fire took a long time - it took over 100 years before the Giant Tower was rebuilt and the whole castle was under roof.

Slotssøen i Kolding

Slotssøen in Kolding

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Slotssøen in Kolding

The castle lake in Kolding was built around 1570 and was for many years the property of the monarch and therefore no fishing or sailing on the lake was allowed. However, there was a small rowboat on the lake if now, a royal guest wanted a fishing trip.
Around the castle lake lies the love path " Kærlilghedsstien" and the walk around is along the lake is widely used. During the summer the free concert is organized and there are activities on the lake for this year's cultural night in Kolding and the Kolding Light Festival ends each year with a large fireworks by the lake.

Madkælderen at Koldinghus

The Madkælderen at Koldinghus serves a large traditional Danish lunch buffet every day with homemade classic dishes, so if you want to try the good Danish smørrebrød, Madkælderen is a good choice.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the menu is set with exquisite Danish ingredients from small local producers in the area. Enjoy a 4 course menu with matching wines and a great atmosphere. You are also welcome inn Madkælderen without paying entrance to the museum.

Mad paa Madkaelderen paa Koldinghus
Restaurant paa Koldinghus



Souvenir shop at Koldinghus

At Koldinghus, you will also find the castle shop. Whether you are looking for a memento or the perfect gift, we have a large and varied selection of souvenirs, Danish design and unique products, inspired by current exhibitions and collections. The selection ranges from books, textiles, jewelry, handicrafts, local products and classic souvenirs such as key rings, magnets and Christmas decorations. If you have an annual pass, you get a 10% discount on everything in the castle shop. You can visit the castle shop without buying a ticket to Koldinghus.
Btuikken på Koldinghus


souvenirs på Koldinghus


Butik Koldinghus


Koldingfjord Hotel se fra vandet
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