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Nature Park Lillebælt

Photo: Destination Lillebaelt

Welcome to Nature Park Lillebælt


A marine nature park with unique landscapes, and with Lillebælt at its core. The nature park stretches from Treldenæs to Hejlsminde south of Kolding.
The nature park consists of several coastal and rural areas as well as unique sea and fjord areas, and therefore represents both nature on land, above- and below the water.

Here you will find the world's densest population of whales - the little harbour porpoises. Throughout the summer from June to September, upwards of 3000 harbour porpoises frolic in the waves of Lillebælt.
The nature park also houses many birds and is an important breeding ground for both the white-tailed eagle, the marsh harrier and the common tern as well as many migratory birds.

The nature park does not only consist of water - it also has a unique nature on land with particularly high natural value. It has important woodland areas, large marsh areas, occasional water meadows, lime grasslands, acidic grasslands, among others.

Nature Park Lillebælt is Denmark's largest marine nature park. The nature park has a size of 370 km2, where 201 km2 is protected nature. This means that more than 50% of the nature park is protected nature.

Experiences in Nature Park Lillebælt

There are many experiences to be had in the area, both to explore on your own, but Nature Park Lillebælt also offers many events throughout the year that you can participate in.

Naturpark Lillebælt - arrangementer i Naturpark Lillebælt
Naturpark Lillebælt

These events are very diverse and can be based, among others, on the history of Lillebælt.
Here they tell you about how you can still see traces of the ice age and various wars that have made their marks in the area through the ages. You can learn more about the diverse flora and fauna that lives in the special currents of Lillebælt.

In Kolding, you will find Skamlingsbanken, which was created by a glacier more than 14,000 years ago. The glacier pushed large amounts of stone, gravel and clay together and shaped what we today know as Skamlingsbanken. Skamlingsbanken is considered one of the finest grasslands in Denmark, with countless stocks of orchids: coloured western marsh orchid and butterfly orchid along with several specimens of the endangered arnica.
Skamlingsbanken also consists of other natural habitats such as meadows, ponds, forests, etc.

Nature Park Lillebælt works to create experiences that bring nature closer to locals and guests in the area.
The nature park must preserve this unique nature, while still ensuring development and visibility. It must communicate the grandeur of the area and bring you closer to nature.

The nature park consists of 70% sea. Lillebælt has a water depth of up to 80 meters, creating unique conditions for flora and fauna. With a width of less than 1 km, Lillebælt can seem like a river.

In the nature park around Kolding, the whole family can join in. There are many opportunities for great and fun activities.

Stranden i Hejlsminde ved Kolding
Visit Kolding


15 km south of Kolding is a small cozy holiday and harbour town. It has a nice wide child-friendly beach and a beach volleyball court and barbecue area, among other things. Hejlsminde is beautifully situated in an area with both ​​forest and beach. Read more about Hejlsminde here.

Noret ved Hejlsminde i Kolding
Visit Kolding

Hejlsminde Nor

Hejlsminde Nor is surrounded by a 12 km path around a unique nature area with cultural experiences and a rich plant and bird life. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the white-tailed eagle and the beautiful wild orchids. The path is a combination of nature trail, established path and asphalt road. Read more in the booklet.

Stotten på Skamlingsbanken


The highest point in Southern Jutland, 113 meters above sea level. From Skamlingsbanken there is a great view over Lillebælt and the tours around the area offer a rich bird and plant life. 

Other nature areas in the nature park in Kolding

Naturpark Lillebælt Solkær Enge i Kolding
Naturpark Lillebælt

Solkær Enge and Skibelund

Solkær Enge and Skibelund are beautifully situated close to Lillebælt. Skibelund beach is very child friendly and here you will find both campsites and shelters. Take a stroll around the beautiful area and enjoy the sun at the scenic beach

Løverodde og Stenderupskov i Naturpark Lillebælt
Naturpark Lillebælt

Stenderup Forests and Løverodde

Stenderup Forests is a large forest area with wide forest roads and it is in connection with Løverodde, where there are good conditions for going swimming. Here you will also find a café and toilets.

Bord og bænke ved Drejens natursti

Houens Odde / Drejens

In the forest at Houens Odde on the Drejens peninsula, there are great opportunities for walks on small forest paths. The view over Kolding Fjord from the headland is worth the effort

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