Stotten på Skamlingsbanken


Skamlingsbanken is nature and Danish history in beautiful harmony. Skamlingsbanken is Southern Jutland's highest point with a unique view - a beautiful excursion destination with great views of the Lillebælt and the surrounding countryside.

A little south of Kolding you can enjoy a unique view of the Lillebælt and the area around the Skamlingsbanken. Take a walk to the beach or around the area and enjoy the views from the various vantage points.

The top, Højskamling, with its 113 m is the highest point in Southern Jutland - here is flagged every day with split flags from Denmark's highest flagpole.

Marker udsigten Skamlingsbanken

The area at Skamlingsbanken was created during the last ice age by a glacier that left the moraine landscape with steep hills and gorges. In the area you will find the typical plants but also several rare species of plants, fungi, insects and amphibians.

Here are good opportunities for walks in the scenic area and one of the marked trails leads down to Binderupstrand. See the map of routes at Skamlingsbanken here 

Skamlingsbanken is a popular tourist destination and many guests visit the restaurant every year and enjoy the beautiful view.

The Skamlingsbanken also tells parts of Denmark's history. Here they met and fought for the right to speak Danish, against the Nazi advance and for women's suffrage. The site has since 1843 been one of the country's most important national and popular gathering places. After the war in 1864 which Denmark lost to Germany, the Skamlingsbanken became a memorial.
The granite support that was destroyed by the Prussians during the war was restored and in the following years several memorials were added.

Klokkestablen på Skamlingsbanken
Born paa Skammlingsbanken
Flaget paa Skammlingsbanken

In 1945, up to 100,000 people gathered at Skamlingsbanken to celebrate the liberation


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6093 Kolding


Longitude: 9.565829

Latitude: 55.41845