Strand i Kolding

in Kolding

Koldinghus for boern

Summer holiday in Kolding

Looking for exciting experiences during the summer holidays - then come to Kolding. Here are activities, events and attractions for both children and adults. Spend a day in Koldinghus where there are fun activities for children or the large exhibition "The Queen's Embroidery" - which consists of the Queen's private embroidery. At Trapholt you can experience art and design at a child's height. In the Geographical Garden there are many beautiful experiences in nature or visit Nicolai in Legeparken where the creative workshops are running all summer

Summer activities in Kolding

Fun activities during the summer holidays - see what you can experience in the different places in Kolding

Børn på græsset på Koldinghus

During the summer holidays you can visit the fantastic castle at Koldinghus, see the beautiful exhibitions and experience various activities.

Børn udenfor på Trapholt

When you visit Trapholt there are also activities for the little ones. Eat your lunch in the garden and enjoy the beautiful view of Koldingfjord

Honningkage i Christiansfeld

Christiansfeld is always worth a visit also during the summer. Enjoy a beautiful renovated city center, a gingerbread in the sun and your lunch in the garden of Comenius.

Harteværket Vandlegepladsen
Harteværket - play with water and energy

Experience the power of the water as you get the wheels moving or the water transporting your homemade wooden boat through the maze on the water playground. Here you can also rent a canoe and go on a trip on Kolding Å

Børn i dyrefolden i Geografisk Have i Kolding
Geografisk Have

Visit the beautiful garden in Kolding - Geographical Garden welcomes you with plenty of space, green spaces and experiences for everyone.

Aktiviteter i gaarden i Nicolai Komplekset
Nicolai for børn

Nicolai's creativity is always a challenge for children in Kolding - this year you will find Nicolai for children in the playground so come by and challenge your creative thoughts and ideas.

App Vizgu Kolding
Vizgu Kolding

Download the app and find out more about Kolding in one of the 3 guides: Art in Kolding Midtby, Åstederne and Design Walk.

Other experiences in Kolding

Sommerhusudlejning i Kolding
Accommodation in Kolding

Take a look at the large selection of accommodation in Kolding and Christiansfeld.

Noret ved Hejlsminde i Kolding
Nature in Kolding

See the nature experiences you can find in the Kolding area - here are plenty of woods and various beaches, many of them within cycling distance and with the opportunity to spend the night outdoors.

Kør MTB i Marielundskoven i Kolding
MTB in Kolding

In Kolding there are good opportunities for cycling. Both on the road and on MTB in the forests. Essi offers guided tours around the area so you can take tours you had not found yourself. See both MTB routes and the guided tours here.

Børn og Vand på Harteværket i Kolding
Activities for children

Here you will find all the activities of Kolding for children on one page - read more about the experiences in the city here