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Bror Ditlev - Experience the top of Kolding's gastronomy

Feel the informal atmosphere at Bror Ditlev and be enriched with a good and honest gastronomic dining experience.

Bror Ditlev has places Kolding on the gastronomic map, with a fine dining concept that offers flavors of uncompromising quality for a reasonable price and a wine list that currently holds more than 400 different wines.

The atmosphere is relaxed, cheerful and cozy. There is room for everyone, whether you go for the "Full experience" or just want to enjoy a good glass of wine and have a nice chat with the sommelier in the bar.

There is a high priority to give the guest the best experience possible. Which is done by using seasonal ingredients a lot of new ideas, and an ocean of time spent refining the taste experiences and finding the perfect wine match.

We do not use meat from cows, pigs, and other farmed animals in our dishes, as the CO2 emission from breeding is too high. We primarily use game, lamb, and fish, and we use as much of the whole animal as possible.

In addition, all vegetables and herbs are grown locally, and most are organic.