Den Blå Bistro

Den Blå from 1st of August, 2016 

Since 3rd of August, 2016, we have aimed to bring back a piece of nostalgia to midtown for locals and visitors as well. Our focus on French and Francophile cuisine with a relaxed atmosphere combined with our engagement and personal relationship with each other, with food and the outside world is what create the experience that we deliver at Den Blå. 

Our attitude is professional, but not perfectionist. We are passionate, but not fanatic. The food and the atmosphere may be a little edgy. That's how we like it the most. We love people, we love food and we love wine. Therefore, we do what we do. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, partners and everybody else! 




On 16th of June, 1989 at 3 p.m., Den Blå Café opened its doors for the first time - and a new era has started. 

Despite the widespread skepticism - 'Slotsgade is not a street, which you will be able to attract the people of Kolding to!'  

But Kolding Man Choir, the firsts, who gave concert on the street, brought an unexpected success for the café.

And since then, visitors can enjoy the regular music events with a delicious lunch, cold tap beer and good friends right in the middle of the vibrant city life.

We hope, that you will enjoy your stay at the oldest café in Kolding!