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Conference & Meeting Venues
If you want to have a meeting in an inspiring environment, the IBC Innovationsfabrikken is exactly the place for you. There is room for whatever you want. There are many different meeting rooms where you can either sit around a meeting table or hold a large conference. When you need a break, take a battle of table tennis or taste the delicious food from the chef.

When you enter the IBC Innovationsfabrikken, you will sense the inspiring environment and the ambiance. Along with the beautiful, unconventional architecture, the framework for your next meeting or conference is in place. Today the Innovationsfabrikken is a modern educational universe where the focal points are knowledge sharing, teaching, seminars, conferences and social life. We have everything from premium rooms to auditoriums and open spaces. In the open areas, the possibilities are almost endless. In the former 3200 m2 warehouse, we are organizing, among other things, celebrations, fairs, exhibitions and conferences.

The large green areas around the IBC Innovationsfabrikken invite for walks. Indoors the badminton court and table tennis allows for a power break. The comfortable furniture is perfect for a casual chat or in-depth discussion on one of today's topics. The location has its own kitchen and café. The chef prioritizes that the food is made of quality raw materials, and also offers new flavors-every day. We offer "Chef Amok" for companies. A concept where your employees themselves cook the food under the guidance of the chef. A fun and inspiring experience that ends with enjoying the food that was created.


IBC Innovationsfabrikken

6000 Kolding


Car parking

Number of meeting rooms (28)


The Organic Cuisine Label Bronze

Number of persons in largest conference room (500)

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