Modavi - Danish winery in Kolding

MODAVI stands for modern Danish wine that the family-owned company cultivates, produces and sells at two vineyards in Fredericia and Kolding. MODAVI offers a wide selection of high quality, Danish wines produced from more than 16.000 grapevines. For instance, we manufacture red and white wine, rosé, sparkling wine and ice-wine; some of them becoming medal- and award-winning products throughout the years.

If you are interested in Danish wine culture, feel free to come by Lindely Vineyard located in Kolding and participate in the exciting events that MODAVI organizes all year round! There are opportunities for wine tasting, counseling regarding the installation and management of a vineyard and vinification and guided tours, which will give you an authentic insight into the production process through the presentation of our special equipment and warehouse facilities.

MODAVI invites everyone to an outstanding experience in a beautiful, green environment with good wine and professional service!