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Nature experiences in Kolding

Madding på Krogen Kolding

Nature and Outdoor in Kolding

In and around Kolding there are plenty of opportunities to workout, observe life and experience nature up close. 
Listen to the pecking of the woodpecker, spot a deer walking around calmly and see the reflection of the treetops in the lake. You can find sweet berries and tranquillity for the soul, or set off on an adventure, spending the night at a primitive campsite. All this is not further away than a bicycle ride for those who like to keep fit. 
You may also grab your fishing rod and try out one of the many fishing spots in the Kolding area.

By bike around Kolding

Cycling holiday in Kolding

Experience Kolding by bicycle. Take one of the bike routes through the forest or through open countryside. In Kolding you have the opportunity to cycle to many of the attractions and to the surrounding beaches. Read more about cycling holidays in Kolding

Bicycle Rental

Here you can find information about where to rent your bike in Kolding!

Cycling routes in Kolding

Bike ride around Kolding

EssiLaub.dk - Mountainbike

If you are going to have a very unique experience then you should visit Essi Laub - After an hour of lessons with tips for the mountain bike tour, the...

Activities in the nature

Golf in Kolding

Golf in Kolding and the Lillebælt area

Kolding Fodboldgolf

Fodboldgolf is fresh air, fun and exercise for the whole family. Compete for who uses the fewest kicks on the 18-hole long course filed with obstacles...

Kolding Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf is played on our 9-hole football golf course (Course B), so if you are not thrilled to kick a ball, you can instead throw a frisbee and s...

Bramdrupdam Football Golf Park

Fodboldgolf is fresh air, fun and exercise for the whole family. Compete for who uses the fewest kicks on the 18-hole long course filed with obstacles...

Playland, Playground in the city center

Large free playground in Kolding center - Entertainment for children of all ages. You can slide, play mini golf or maybe drive on mooncar.

Forest Marienlund

Discover Kolding's urban forest, which has an extremely rich wildlife and a varied vegetation, a swamp with beautiful trees and rare plants and mushrooms.

Kolding Åsteder – city spaces

Kolding River (Kolding Å) snakes through the city of Kolding. Along the river is a system of paths, which feature great city spaces. These “Åsteder” a...

Troldhedestien - Route T16

Jordrup - Kolding The route along the old Troldehedebane railway is ideal for the entire family. It follows national route 6 and parts of regiona...

Stenderup Forest

Experience the beautiful coastline by visiting the Stenderup Forests!

Nature Park Lillebælt

Nature Park Lillebælt

The Harteværk in Kolding
Harteværket is beautifully situated in a small green oasis close to Kolding. Here are activities for children, the opportunity to rent a canoe and connections with the trail system towards Harte and around Ferupsø to Troldhedestien into the Marielund Forest in Kolding mid-town.
The beaches of Kolding
Kolding is located near Lillebælt and you will find many east-facing child-friendly beaches. Many are within cycling distance of the city or you can visit them by car or by bus.
Funkey Monkey Park in Kolding
Experience the rush when taking a cable car or crawling high in the tree tops. Funky Monkey Park is close to the center of Kolding and offers fun and excitement for both children and adults.
Fishing in Kolding
In Kolding there are many places to fish. Read about them here and also read more about other things that are good to know when fishing in Denmark
Picnic shelters and nature sites
Should the lunch be enjoyed on the bike or hiking trip - then here is a list of possible places you can pause and enjoy the wonderful scenery and eat your brought food.
Treasure hunting in the nature
Are you going to geocaching in Kolding? a great way to enjoy nature. Everyone loves to find a hidden treasure so in this way it is easy to get the kids out into the wild.
The forests in Kolding
A walk in the woods is always a good experience. In Kolding you will find the urban forest Marielund Forest but lovely routes and beautiful scenery, but also many other forests and nature areas are worth a visit.
Dog forest in Kolding
In Kolding you will find several dog forests where you can vent your dog without a leash. From October 1 to March 1, dogs can also run without a leash on the beach. However, always be aware of the beach signage as this is not allowed on all beaches.  Common to all of these areas is that the dog may only be vented without a leash if the owner has 'full control' over the dog. All stay in the dog forests is at your own risk.

The Park of Trapholt

Enjoy the panoramic view of Kolding Fjord from Trapholt’s beautiful gardens. The landscape architect C.Th. Sørensen specifically designed the garden to open up the views of the fjord. The lawn curves faintly towards all sides, mimicking the curvature of the earth and directing our gaze dow...

The Geographical Gardens

Geographical garden in Kolding is one of the city's green oases - here is plenty of space to enjoy nature for both children and adults. Discover a world of plants and explore the unique collection of flowers, trees, plants and herbs arranged by their country of origin. You can also go play...