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Broedremenighedenskirke i Christiansfeld

Christiansfeld UNESCO World Heritage Site

Photo: Visit Kolding

Visit the world heritage site - Christiansfeld. The atmosphere and history make a visit to Christiansfeld a very special experience.

UNESCO has proclaimed Christiansfeld to be a part of the world heritage, as “a unique testimony to a cultural tradition which is living or which has disappeared” and as “an outstanding example of a type of building, architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates a significant stage in human history”. 
There are only seven places in Denmark, and 1,031 in the world, which bear the title “World Heritage”, so this is quite a special distinction that they can be proud of in Christianfeld.

Grev Zinzendorf Plads i Christiansfeld

Photo:Visit Kolding

In the stringent and right-angled city plan, everything - streets, squares, pavements, plots of land and buildings - is measured in Hamburg alen, which is equal to 57.3 cm and is a testament to the German craftsmen who built the city.

Efteraar Christiansfeld set fra oven


Trappe i Christiansfeld

Photo:Chrisitansfeld Centret

Grev Zinzendorfs Plads Christiansfeld


While many cities have emerged somewhat randomly at old commercial and traffic centres, the founding of Christiansfeld has been carefully planned. The aim was to create a perfect city to house the Moravian Brethren in Denmark. The story behind the city is still alive and charming in the straight streets with the yellow houses that characterise the cityscape. The German building tradition mixed with the humility of religion is apparent in the rigorous and simple architecture. Here you will find a calmness and hospitality that invites you to extend your visit by a night or two.

Christiansfeld is Denmark’s only UNESCO world heritage city. When in 1771 King Christian VII allowed the Moravian Brethren to build a city in Denmark, no one could know that the city, just under 250 years later, would be so faithful to the original values and plans, that the old city would be considered unique and worthy of preservation for posterity. Time has not stood still in Christiansfeld, but the city has developed in respect of its original ideas, offering a fascinating and harmonious experience, which is most certainly worth a visit.

Kirkesalen i Christiansfeld


Lysekrone i Broedremenighedens kirke i Christiansfeld

Photo:Chrisitansfeld Centret

Gulv i kirken Christiansfeld


There are high ceilings in the Moravian Church, both literally and religiously speaking. The large hall, which is used for service, has no supporting pillars. It is Denmark’s largest church hall and can accommodate approximately one thousand people. In addition to the Church, the Brothers’ House, the Sisters’ House and the Widows’ House are all examples of the original concept. The young unmarried men and women used to live in the two houses, where they also worked. When they got married, they moved to their own houses or flats to live together with their spouse until one of them passed away. The Widows’ House was for the bereaved women, while men usually remarried. Today, the Sisters’ House is renovated and houses the Christiansfeld Centre. The Brothers’ House is converted into flats like a part of the Widows’ House.

The town square is located at Brødremenighedenshotel and is named after the first Brethrenemensensens priest in Christiansfeld.
Prætorius Torv is an atmospheric place with cafes and restaurants, which together with the rest of the city provides a very special and extremely charming experience for tourists and locals.
Every year markets are held at Prætorius Torv (the square)  and also the Christiansfeld Wine Festival, as well as Crafts Day and other events. 

Praetoriustorvet i Christiansfeld


Christiansfeld was planned and built to represent the Protestant city ideal. The city’s most important buildings are in the centre around the square in front of the Moravian Church. The square itself is shaped like a cross with a well in the middle. This was so 250 years ago, and is still so at present. Members of the Moravian Church from the town of Herrnhut travelled to Denmark to start a congregation here. Their good craftsmanship is still seen in many of the buildings.

For over 200 years there have been baked gingerbread in Christiansfeld which has been sold throughout the country - therefore you may know Christiansfeld as the Gingerbread town

Bryllup i Christiansfeld på Tyrstrupkro

Accommodation in Christiansfeld

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Bryllup i Christiansfeld

Wedding in Christiansfeld

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A little further outside of Christiansfeld you can visit Christinero, originally laid out with rare and unusual trees and plants by the chamberlain’s wife Christina Friederica von Holstein. She used the garden to find peace, which you can also do today, as the site is owned by the Moravian Brethren.

Kilde i Christinero


Christinero ved Christiansfeld


Bulladen ved Christinero


If you are near Christiansfeld the first weekend in August, do not miss the successful Christiansfeld Wine Festival. The streets buzz with the lives of locals and tourists as the wine festival starts with live music in the beautiful square of the city. From here you can taste wines from local wine beans, or one of the many German producers.

You will also find wines from the US, Portugal, Spain, France and Hungary, so there should be something for everyone. And should you wish to enjoy the wine with a tailored menu, the hotel welcomes you.

Vinfestival i Christiansfeld

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Pladsen ved Vinfestival Christiansfeld

Photo:Visit Kolding

Boder ved Vinfesten i Christiansfeld

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